ilastik is a simple, user-friendly tool for interactive image classification, segmentation and analysis. It is built as a modular software framework, which currently has workflows for automated (supervised) pixel- and object-level classification, automated and semi-automated object tracking, semi-automated segmentation and object counting without detection. Most analysis operations are performed lazily, which enables targeted interactive processing of data subvolumes, followed by complete volume analysis in offline batch mode. Using it requires no experience in image processing.

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Upcoming workshop at EPFL

On Friday, 20th of November, a delegation of the ilastik team will be giving an ilastik tutorial at EPFL, Lausanne, Swizerland.

Journal cover by ilastik

The front cover of the upcoming January 2016 issue of the Journal of Comparative Neurology has been accomplished with extensive use of ilastik!

The article on Three-dimensional immersive virtual reality for studying cellular compartments in 3D models from EM preparations of neural tissues by Calì et al. extracted the 3D neuron reconstruction using ilastik's carving workflow.

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